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God is gracious...Let's be Imitator's!

We have once again entered an Autumn. Leaves are falling, changing into beautiful colours on many of our trees! Days are cooler. Things change whether we like it or not . Change is inevitable.

In my devotion time today, I read a familiar passage, in the book of Luke, chapter 4, verse 22. This whole chapter talks about when Jesus was tempted of the devil and when it was over He once again returned to Galilee, filled with the Holy Spirit's power. On a regular basis, Jesus would go to the synagogue, take the scroll, and read to those present . Folk were amazed as He read! No doubt, there was just something different, unlike anyone else whoever read Scripture.

What really caught my eye, was in verse 22. It reads like this. " Everyone spoke well of Him and was amazed by the gracious words that came from His lips...". As I read this verse, I thought of my own life. Am I always as gracious as I should be? The words that come out of my mouth, as I speak to others, are they always sprinkled with graciousness? I firmly believe this is something that we should all attain for. No matter what the situation, even if it has to be words of correction, the words that fall off of our lips, should be gracious.

The word gracious, speaks of courtesy and kindness! Maybe in this changing season, let's take time to examine our lives. If our words have not been seasoned with graciousness, let's make that change. Even in difficult times, let our prayer be, "Father, may I touch the lives of others with words that are gracious, words that exemplify you, to all those I come into contact with, in Jesus Name, Amen."

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