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The Emotions of Christmas

The song says, Christmas, it's "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year"! It truly is for many...especially those that keep their focus on the true meaning of why Christmas.

Yet, I am so aware that there are many emotions that rise up within folks this time of year. Some are truly wonderful and others are actually heart-wrenching. The empty chair at the table, the family living miles away that cannot come home, the loved one in the hospital or nursing home, the financial misfortune, nothing of one's own doing, that will create a challenge for gift-giving this year. These are but a few, but so real.

It is so important to keep our focus, in the midst of all the festivities. Jesus is the only reason why "Christmas" exists. It is time to celebrate the fact that Jesus was born in the first place. All the other activities are wonderful, and need to point to that very fact.

So, allow the emotions to come. Even allow the tears to flow. You are human and they are real. Reach out to your support group in the difficult times. Just remember, the true meaning of this "Most Wonderful Time of the Year"!

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