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365 Days Left!

I put up a brand new calendar today, January 2nd, 2024. A day past the first of the new year. I figured I would have 364 days left to mark up my calendar with the many events and appointments throughout 2024 only to realize later that this is a leap year...I still have 365 days left! 

So, what about your calendar...365 days to mark it up! Even though time goes very quickly, 365 days is a good amount. Things do happen at times beyond our control, but for the most, we have the bulk of responsibility as to what goes on each day. Why not choose each day wisely! 

Take a good look at your calendar! Maybe mark each day...even if it just with a smiley face! What about a favourite caption or a wonderful Scripture verse...a few reminders of faith, hope and how wonderful God really is. A note of an answered prayer will be a great reminder to keep trusting for the others you are still believing for! 

Make good use of each day in your 2024 calendar! The cliche that "each day is a gift from God",  is really not a cliche at is reality, it is truth! So mark each day well...make each day count! 

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