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A New Season…

Spring is a wonderful time of year! As my husband and I took a familiar walk

around the Rez earlier today, we could see many trees budding with leaves

opening on many. It is a beautiful sight! Even the often-dreaded dandelions

looked attractive as they decorated the green grass. I often think how amazing

our God is… even what we call “weeds” can look so pretty. Yes, tis the season for

beauty and new life!

Our lives have seasons…

Whether we like it or not, our lives are filled with seasons. Some we anxiously

look forward to while others we just as soon skip over. None the less, that is not

how it works. We go through seasons raising children, in our careers, in our

physical body, in our relationships. We cannot escape them but what we do

through these seasonal times makes all the difference in our lives and in those

closest to us.

There is a time for every season…

Ecclesiastes 3:1 states, “There is a time for everything, and a season for every

activity under the heavens."

I have never seen a winter that did not end, nor a Spring that did not arrive. For

those that hate the cold, the appearance of that first snowflake floating down

does not produce warm, fuzzy feelings. None the less, we must accept the fact

that winter has arrived. The same with life seasons, even though some create

feelings that are far from warm or fuzzy, we must work with them and embrace

the fact that it has arrived.

Committing to the Lord…

Committing each season, that comes your way, whether good or bad, to the Lord,

will immensely help you to maneuver through it. Even though it seems like a

forever time, be reminded that every season ends and a new one will always

begin. Trust in the Lord, commit this time to Him, knowing He will definitely walk

with you throughout every season of your life

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