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Baby, It’s Cold Outside... November 2023

You are no doubt, all familiar with the Christmas song, “Baby It’s Cold Outside”. Well, those words seem to be ringing louder and louder by the day as you feel the brisk wind and the plunging temperatures. No longer is it comfortable to slip into flip flops and head outdoors. Heavy socks and a wool hat are in order. Whether you like or abhor the cold, there is not a whole lot you can do about it. As someone once said, “ It is what it is...cold times come and you have to adjust accordingly to stay warm.

Life can turn cold...

When you think about this, it speaks of how life can be. At times things seem to be going well. You are busy, yet, seem to be handling all that life brings your way. You are spending time with God and in the Word of God. Life is pretty sunny and warm. Unfortunately, things change, and there are times when life can becomes fairly cold, maybe even frigid. I am sure that you have had circumstances come your way that you would prefer to skip right over....yet, you cannot. It is in these seemingly cold times of life that you may often struggle. Sad to say, if you are not cautious, you can become very cold on the inside. Your communication with the Lord may waver and your reliance on the Word of God may weaken significantly.

Determination is a must...

Just like it is necessary to put heavier clothing on to keep warm on the outside, you must be determined to continue in faith, to keep warm on the inside. Keep involved with your community of faith, be sure to worship with your church family on a regular basis. Read a portion of God’s Word every day even if you do not feel like it. Spend some time in prayer. Call someone to agree with you in prayer....two are better than one. (Ecclesiastes 4:9a) It is possible to stay warm on the inside even in the most difficult of times. However, determination is a must ingredient. When it is much easier to give yourself permission to get cold, you must be determined to stay warm.

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