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Despise Not Small Things

I had a couple of days spending time at my home where I grew up. All my childhood memories stem from that lovely city, Bathurst, surrounding the Bay of Chaleur, one of the most beautiful bays there is.

Just home to me...

However, this lovely community in northern NB was just home to me, where the many kids on my street, ran, rode bikes, played hide & seek in the tall grass that grew in the field behind my home, and built camps(what we called these unfinished projects) in the forest nearby. I was never bored, hard to believe since the digital world did not exist yet, but with the many friends who lived on my same lane, there was always something to do, someone to do it with. Whether it was a softball game each evening after supper, in the empty lot, a couple of houses away, or pulling carrots from a neighbourhood garden, for a fresh snack (we got in trouble for this one), I, along with my siblings, kept busy most of the time.


As my husband and I walked some of the same trails that I did as a child, I realized something. The things that looked so high, so big, in my childhood, seemed so much smaller today. I looked at some of the wire fences (only certain sections still remain) that I climbed with my friends. They enabled us to get onto the trees and sit on the large limbs. Guess what...neither the fence nor the trees seemed all that high or mighty now. The paths, although much grown over with grass and shrubbery) did not seem nearly as long. The fields did not take nearly as long to walk through, and I did not feel nearly so far from home walking through the trails.

A thought triggered...

The first part of a Bible verse found in Zachariah 4:10 came to my mind as my husband and I was walking. “Do not despise these small beginnings...” I thought of my life as a child. I was small and the things around me that seemed big then looked small now. Yet so much of my time, in these simple surroundings, have created wonderful memories and shaped my life in so many ways.

Never despise things that may seem small...small beginnings can not only create wonderful memories but teach many life lessons that will be so beneficial as you travel your life journey. Embrace the small. In reality, they are really quite big after all!

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