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Heading Back into a Changed World

Most of our precious children and teens are heading out, beginning a new school year that is filled with changes, questions, and unfortunately for many, fears. Amidst the many that are sporting new jackets, hoodies, and running shoes, most have one item that a few years ago one would have never thought about…the mandated mask.


I have watched a few interviews with parents on a couple of the news channels, as I am sure most of you did. One mother caught my eye more than the others. She had 2 young sons…one standing on each side of her. One seemed a bit camera shy as he stood with a downcast look while the journalist questioned the mom on her feelings in sending her kids off to school, on this first day. My heart went out for both mom and sons. The mom listed off many rigorous guidelines that she had gone through with her boys, it seemed for many days. Besides these, she expressed going over how to eat their lunch, so they would be safe, although she did not elaborate. She explained to the journalist that they went through these many times so the kids would get it.


It was obvious that this mother loved her boys very much and wanted nothing more than to keep them safe. You could see the stress she was under in making sure she had all her bases covered. It was also obvious that her sons (especially one) were under much stress. His facial countenance let me know the mental load was heavy. I felt sad for the burden they were under.

Striking a balance…

Even though we need to be cautious and instruct our children on how to take care of themselves, we need to be so careful not to instill fear into their lives. Little minds can be overwhelmed trying to figure this all out…something that even the adult mind cannot do. Take time to laugh with your kids. Encourage them that their day is going to be great and be sure to pray with them. Remind them that they have a wonderful God that is with them and will protect them.


At the end of your day, maybe around your supper table, take time to review the day together. Concerns and joyful events from the day need to be discussed. Remember family and home should always be a safe place to express both. If your children are young, you may cuddle up with a good book before bedtime, make sure it has a happy ending!

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