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Leave NO Stone Unturned!

If your mother is still alive, every day is a good day to contact her and let her know you both love and appreciate her. However, this being Mother's Day weekend, it is an especially good time!

Every mother, with a bare minimum few exceptions, have sacrificed tremendously to see that you had the best in life. At times, lack of sleep, skipping meals, foregoing that blouse she admired for weeks in the store window, just a few of the things that were missed in her life, so you could have your life...not to mention, the hurt she may have endured by your selfish and hurtful words when you did not get your way. Oh yes, those teenage years, the ones you thought you spent in prison, were not easy for her. Most moms have spent more than one moment in silence, as tears streamed down her soft cheeks.

Other than God himself, no one can or ever will, love you quite like your mom. God's love for you is perfect, her love is the next runner up!

So, this weekend, of all weekends, drop by! Give mom that hug and kiss! Let your words be sweet, deep & meaningful! Look into her beautiful eyes...share your love! If you are one of the unfortunate ones, whose mom is far away, pick up your phone...not for a selfie this time, but to be selfless! Leave no stone unturned in expressing your love. "Mom, I love & appreciate you...powerful words!" Today is the day! Now is the time!

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