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Love Like You Have Never Been Hurt

Every one of us has been hurt at one time or another. We do not have to live very long until hurt seems to find us. Whether it is the kindergarten kid on the playground that gets excluded from a game or an early teen that was not invited to a birthday party. Hurts are very real!

It can be the same in a marriage…

You do not have to be married very long before your spouse says something, does something or forgets something and you are genuinely hurt. Your feelings are real but what you are going to do with those feelings will determine how well the rest of that day or week or month may go.

Recognize that hurts will come…

Because you are human, you will never be exempt from being hurt or hurting your spouse. It is important to recognize it, talk about it with your spouse, forgive and then move on. (If someone has broken the marriage covenant or vow and been unfaithful, this is a much bigger issue and will need bigger work if reconciliation is to take place). You might say, “What does it mean to move on?”

Love like you have never been hurt…

Carry on, provide a covering for the humanity of your spouse and allow forgiveness and choosing the way of love to create a marriage of strength and happiness. Do not be one who picks at every small thing and harbours it forever in your heart. You may find it convenient to bring up past issues to make a point but it definitely will not help in any way to make your spouse look forward to coming home or cuddling at the end of a long day. So once again a choice…may I suggest, love like you have never been hurt!

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