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Updated: Apr 14, 2021

It is Good Friday...

Why is this particular Friday called “Good” when Christ suffered so much and had to endure a torturous death that really could never be put into words?

What is so good about our precious Saviour hanging on a rugged cross, mocked, ridiculed, pierced, suffocating from lack of air as He no longer had the strength to push himself up for another breath? What could be so good about a crown of thorns pushed deep within His skull that would have caused immense swelling of the head? What could be so good about an innocent Son being separated from His Heavenly Father as He carried the sin of the world? “ My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?”

It was good because it paid the price in full for the sin of all mankind.

Once and for all, the supreme sacrifice was paid! Today, by faith in Christ alone, by believing in His finished work, by accepting the gift of salvation, receiving the forgiveness of sin that He has provided, can bring you and me into the greatest relationship we could ever have....a relationship that is both intimate and fulfilling in this life and one that will give us peace and eternal life when this life is over. The price that Christ paid gave us forgiveness of sin, peace of mind and healing for our body. That’s why we call this Friday, “Good Friday”!

Good Friday

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