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Moms are Only as Happy as their Saddest Child

Moms are Only as Happy as their Saddest Child

For most moms, holding that precious little one in your arms for the very first

time, you could never have imagined the overflow of love alongside the

protective instinct that kicks in. Right from that very moment, a bond forms that

is indescribable! You find yourself simply amazed at how a total person can exist

in such a tiny body! You count the fingers, toes and giggle at every little move or

squeak your tiny bundle makes.

A Mother’s love never changes…

Amazingly, those same feelings remain all through the years. As your son or

daughter grows, your love, support and protective instinct does not change…it

remains strong. Oh yes, you may not always agree with their behaviour or actions,

they disappoint you, hurt you, make you laugh, cry, and even anger you at times.

You find yourself scolding, correcting, and even yelling at them (who said good

moms never yelled) but we are never amused when someone else corrects, scolds

or yells at our kids (even if they deserve it).

God’s love never changes…

Mom, let me remind you that the love God has for you never changes. Whether

you disappoint our Heavenly Father or even hurt Him at times, His love for you

remains strong, His protectiveness for you never diminishes with time. Even

though it is hard to fathom, only the love of God can surpass the awesome ability

God gave a mother to love her child.

So, mom, the next time you feel alone, or unloved, think of your undying love for

your child and then remember the immeasurable love that God has for you!

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