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Taking Care Mentally…

To say that your home, everyone in your home has been waking up to a different

world, with changes coming almost daily is an understatement. You may be

working remotely and enjoying it or anxiously awaiting the day when you can get

back to the office. Your children may be in school one day and must be home the

next. With that change you find yourself not only working remotely but home

schooling, as well. Some of you are wondering if you will still have employment

tomorrow while others are forced into looking for a total new direction when it

comes to career.

These uncertainties create anxiety…

Although none of us want anxiety, very few of us are exempt from it. So, what can

we do to look after our mental health? Here are a few things I have found to be

very helpful.

1- Limiting my media time. Do not spend the bulk of your day listening to the

news whether that be on television, your laptop or phone. If you hear it

once throughout the day, that is probably enough. Whatever you listen to

over and over will become the elephant in the room…your total focus.

2- Taking time for me. You are important and it is not wrong to look after

yourself. Do some form of exercise. Whether that means to go for a walk

with someone you love, take a bike ride, or rake your lawn. A healthy body

and healthy mind go hand in hand. So, strive to eat well and exercise.

3- Refreshing myself spiritually. There is no substitute for reading the Bible

and meditating on the Word you have read. And of course, there is

communicating with God. It is easy to neglect your spiritual being in the

hustle and bustle of life. God cares about all that concerns you and loves

you more than words can say. Take time for Him. Connect with a great

church family where you can be a part of Worship and the Word. It is

always encouraging to belong… to be cared for and to care for!

There can be many others, but why not start with just these three today…see

how making a few small changes can create a more hopeful & peaceful state

of mind.

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