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Well done Thou Good & Faithful Servant.

The last few years have brought many changes....

My Mom & Dad are both 85 years of age. Mom is in a nursing seems to be a nice home but it is not home. My Dad goes everyday and feeds mom her lunch, or he did until another lockdown came our way. They have been married 65 years and as he gets ready for his visit, he rushes not to be late. I see him scurry around the kitchen as he gets treats ready for her and earlier in the day makes a run to Tim’s to get her favourite juice beverage. Off he goes, usually earlier than he needs to, for the short drive, but if you knew my Dad, a bit early is on time.

Got it down to a science...

I remember the day Dad told me he has the feeding challenge down to an art. He now knew just how to put the spoon so mom would open her mouth. Just a certain way to tilt the spoon and it all worked much better. I could tell he was so pleased.

Maybe a sparkle...maybe not...

I usually ask Dad how his visit went. The sparkle in his eye, the excitement in his tone would tell the tale. She ate well, she ate most of her meal, she was alert, she even said a couple of words! Then there were the other times. Mom was sleepy, did not eat much, and was falling asleep during her meal...not a good day.

Life is not always fair...but we must remain faithful.

Dad said he goes to sleep at night thinking about mom and wakes up in the morning thinking about mom. I listen and agree with Dad, that life is not always fair. We so wish things were different right now. I would love to see Mom sitting in her glider, in the living room, with Dad in his lazy boy and JayJay, their mini schnauzer, by his side. But, no, that is not how it is! Dad loves the Lord, and is faithful in his walk with God. But even so, we have to take just one day at a time, maybe one moment at a time. One thing I can say, it is a wonderful love story, and my Dad remains faithful! I don’t understand all his feelings and cannot even imagine what they all are, but faithful to the end! As Dad continues to serve mom, here is another meaning of these words he will hear someday, ”Well done, thou good and faithful servant! “

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