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Summer has Arrived!

Everyone has a season!

For some the colours and crispness of Autumn awaken

everything in them. Others, who enjoy winter sports, the thought of Winter with

it’s fresh falling snow brings waves of excitement. Then there are others who love

the new colors that arrive with Spring…the tulips and daffodils bring hope that the

warmth of the sun will soon be felt. And now we find ourselves in summer! What

can be said about the fresh evening breeze while you sit on the beach watching the

sun go down. It must be felt to really be appreciated!

Take Time to Enjoy the Day…

Whatever the season!

Whatever the day, let me encourage you to prioritize a few

moments to see the beauty all around you and give thanks. I know of someone that

loves the summer season exclusively. He can hardly wait, counting the days when

the calendar announces, “summer is here”. However, his only problem being, he so

despises the cold that he cannot enjoy the summer, often expressing that summer

goes by just too fast and before you know it, the cold will be here again. How sad

for one to be looking so far ahead that they cannot take joy in the present.

Be Still and Know That I Am GOD!

Psalm 46:10

Admonishes us to “Be Still, and Know that I Am God…” When you

are rushing about, constantly under stress, never pausing to relax and look around,

it can be very difficult for us to see or even know God. Whatever the day, whatever

the season, whether cold or hot, bright, or dismal, if you quiet yourself for a few

moments, take a deep breath, pause from the steady running around and look

around, you will begin to see God in places you never thought. If you become

quiet, if you become still, you will see God, sense His wonderful presence, and

hear His whisper. Try it in the next few minutes…escape from the noise, from the

crowds, take joy in the day…take time to see God, hear God, and you will surely

get to know God!

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