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Taking Joy in Small Things!

So much negative...

You do not have to look for it, it is in your face at every turn... sickness, depression, anxiety, war, inflation and the list goes on and on. Just within the past couple of days we have seen the tragedy in Texas, 19 students and 2 teachers sadly shot to death by an eighteen-year-old barging into an elementary school. If you take in the news each day, and hopefully not, more than once per day, it will be very challenging to see much good in your world. Unfortunately, it really seems to be true that bad news makes good news. So there goes the reporting.

Take time to look around....

I believe, there are days, you have to intentionally look around for the positive and may I stress the word "intentionally"! It is not because there are only a few positive or good things happening around us, it is just because in our world, it is the negative that is magnified and talked about. Intentionally, take the time to see the good in your day. It is in these things that joy and peace can be found. Enjoyment comes when you see good things, lovely things in your surroundings, in your world. More often than not, very small things create a feeling of joy or well-being. I totally enjoy seeing the different song birds coming to the feeders and enjoying a meal of seeds. I totally enjoy the vibrant colours of the Spring flowers. I totally enjoy sharing a good laugh with my husband. I totally enjoy the chats we have as we walk together. Look around at the many positives in your life and give God thanks for them. If you were able to enjoy a favourite coffee or tea this morning, open a closet door and choose what to wear, meaning you had more than one outfit, wow, how positive and good is that!

The choice is yours...

You are commanded in the Word of God to think on good and positive things.

Philippians 4:8- "And now, dear brothers and sisters, one final thing. Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise." The word "fix" means to focus or stare. You must choose to "stare" at the things that are good, that are positive, pure and lovely. God knew that in the world you live, it has to be a choice in order for you to be joyful, at peace and secure. It must be a daily choice. Let me encourage you and admonish you, choose, as never before, to look around and find the things that will make your outlook on life a good one. There are a lot of wonderful things around you....make the choice to find them...take joy in them!

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27 May 2022

Excellent ! Thanks 😊 for sharring

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