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The Best Gifts May Not Come in Wrapping Paper & Bows

You can already feel it in the air,,,some may say it is beginning to look a lot like

Christmas! The last week has made a significant change in the décor of shopping

centers and cafes. Besides the traditional Christmas tree, you see garland and the

friendly snowman ornaments on the windowsills. I have noticed folk already

posting their decorated Christmas trees on social media, beautiful lights and

homemade ornaments, just waiting for the colourfully wrapped gift boxes or bags

to be placed underneath. Oh, yes, excitement is in the air!

However, amidst the excitement, for many, especially moms & dads, there is a

feeling of anxiety, especially this year more than ever. With the high cost of living,

how will they fill the expectations of their children, with the many things they

want for Christmas. There is just not enough money at the end of the month!

May I suggest that you think Christmas a bit differently this year. You see, you

may have groomed your family into thinking it is all about what is under the tree.

Sadly, for many, why we celebrate a day called “Christmas” is so far down the

ladder or not even on the ladder. The fact is, a tiny baby came into the world, to

save and give hope to you and I. Does that mean we should not have gifts, candy,

loads of food…not! But may we not forget the real reason.

May I also suggest, the bests gifts may not be those that are wrapped with bows

and ribbons. What about visiting someone in a nursing home or a shut-in that

cannot get out of their home. If possible, why not take your little ones with you and

let them see the importance of caring, singing a Christmas Carol for someone who

is lonely. Not only will that provide a gift of happiness to the lonely but a timeless

lesson, a gift, for your child. Maybe a few baked cookies delivered, a short visit, a

loving hug, a gentle touch. Wow, these gifts are priceless! What about shovelling

snow for a neighbour who is sick, clearing their walkway…the list can go on and


What about the gift of time…plan something purposeful outside of the home! Visit

your community website & see what events are taking place, over the holidays! As

a family, whether skating, sliding, visiting a museum, you too, may realize that the

best gifts may not be able to be wrapped & placed under the tree! These gifts will

create memories that will last a lifetime!

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